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Work List

Many hands make lite work.

Volunteers welcome to tackle some of these items.

  • Fields need to be mowed every month during the summer from May to Sept.
  • Clubhouse needs to be cleaned and garbage cans emptied at least once a month.
  • Need to trim and whipper snip around fences and buildings a couple times a year.
  • In winter months we need to shovel off pathways and pads on trap and skeet fields.
  • On rifle and pistol ranges we need to shovel out pathways to target stands.
  • On our new range areas being developed we need to brush and clear the construction areas.
  • Outhouses need to be painted and cleaned.
  • Reclaim birds can be picked up and stacked for later use.
  • Wood shed needs to be kept full of firewood.


Other projects

  • It would be nice to have more storage benches at the back of the pistol hut and remove the lockers.
  • Sturdier rifle benches should be built and installed in the rifle shelter.
  • Plant shade trees on trap and skeet fields.
  • Construct barriers between the shooting ports in the pistol hut.

Project approvals

If you want to take on a project or task, contact an executive member and they will arrange funding and approval to complete the work.

Please contact the club at Rockcut Shooting Club Contact email address.

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